Our Services & Solutions

With our international team of engineers and field technicians we offer a wide range of services and solutions,
supporting the network rollout and modernization of our partners telecommunication systems.

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Network modernization

We bring networks from legacy to the latest generation of network elements.

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Network optimization

Network optimization in mobile networks improves existing network coverage areas and avoids interference issues. Our field engineers carry out azimuth changes, tilt alterations, sectorizations, power adjustments and antenna height modifications. The quality of work is assured with specific measurements and high quality tools used in network optimization process that minimizes any possibility of passive intermodulation.

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Site planning

Precise site planning is the key to the efficient site solution which ensures a good service quality and reduces material and equipment costs.

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Site construction

IRIS Telecommunication Austria can prepare your land/facilities for installation of wireless site equipment, including civil construction, provisioning of outdoor materials, tower erection, installation of antennas, testing and compliance inspections.

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3rd level Maintenance

We are specialized in troubleshooting and have the right expertise in finding quickly and individual solutions for rebuilding and extension in mobile network.

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Fiber to the Building Rollout

FTTB: Delivering ultra-broadband data connection service to end user by shortening copper last mile, and replacing it with optical fiber in combination with Noka xVDSL and existing cooper is the fastest to the market and mainstream technology worldwide today.